Big Day…2 month checkup

Big day today! We went walking at Alderwood with Leslie from and had a great time. Ryan was awake the whole time we were at the mall and really enjoyed herself. Then we headed off to her 2 month checkup at Dr. Platz. Here’s the lowdown: She’s 10 pounds, 4 ounces, 22 inches long, and her head is 151/4 inches around. She’s caught up to the 50% from the 25% at birth! Yay!! What a stud muffin. The doc said that she is quite developed for a baby her age. I told her that Ryan was holding her head up, rolling over, and practicing walking, to which she replied, already? Then she held Ryan up by her belly and she made crawling movements! She’s probably going to be an early crawler! She couldn’t believe how strong Ryan is and how far she’s come from day one. Oh, and her excessive drooling is probably an indication that she’ll be teething a bit early! Uh oh! On the one hand, I’m so proud, but on the other, I can’t believe she growing up so fast! Now it’s crawling and before I know it, it’ll be kindergarten!

The really good news is that it sounds like her heart murmur has cleared up. We will find out for sure next month when we go back to Dr. Stamm @ Children’s, but she said she’d be hard pressed to hear it now! Hooray! I’m so pleased that all that drama is over with.

Then came the shots: dum, dum, dum. Five in a row! I don’t know what pissed her off more, being held down, or being shot up. I’m sure it was a combo of both. And man, she did not want to be calmed down. But then she got some Tylenol and crashed out and now she is sleeping peacefully. Too bad I’ll have to wake her soon for more Tylenol!


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