Argghhhh, puke.

At Evergreen group today, Ryan rolled halfway from her back to her tummy! She’s working on it! Before we know it, she’ll be rolling all over the house, but for now, I’m still contect that she’s immobile. It’s easier that way! Oooh, and we won a pair of BabyLegs (legwarmers). Yay! Another pair! Nothing cuter than a babe in leg warmers.

She’s all over her hands though now. She wrings them like a little old lady, fussing and worrying. I think she’s an old soul. When you look at her face, she just seems to be thinking really deep thoughts, and she seems so wise beyond her months. I really feel that she was around in a previous life, and she did something good enough to come back as a person. I’m so intrigued to get to know her as she grows up.

So, I had her all dressed in this adorable pink tunic and matching floral pants…looking quite springy and fashionable, and she puked on the shirt. Dammit. But Michael, quick thinking man he is, says, just rinse it out and dry it and it’ll be ready before you go to group. Good idea! 15 minutes later, she pukes again. This time, on the pants. The outfit’s done. Kiddo insists on at least one wardrobe change per day, fashionista that she is. I just wish she wouldn’t puke or poop to indicate she’s ready for new clothes.


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