Tiptoe through the tulips

We took a trip up to LaConner and the tulips today and it was so lovely! Ryan was in a fabulous mood, as usual, and the weather was sunny and not freezing cold! It was our first “family trip” and we both marveled that we now have a “family”. Every once in a while it hits us that we have a child and that the three of us constitute a real family. We all really enjoyed spending the day together and have decided that we need to take more days like this to enjoy together.
And of course, the day would not have been complete without the usual baby drama! She had a major blow out that we changed in the stroller, on the street…adventurous. I whacked her head pretty hard on the car door, l
eft a big bruise, we both cried. I felt like a pretty shitty mom, but now, several hours later, I can see the humor in it. I can’t believe how much I desired to take the hurt away from her. All I wanted to do was make it stop hurting. Her wails were so tragic, that horrible, stop breathing, can’t catch a breath baby cry. I just held her and rocked her until she stopped, poor kid. But, half an hour later, at the tulip fields, she was all smiles!


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