Suncreen and 75

It was such a lovely day today! The temp got all the way to 75 and I got a sunburn!! Of course, I think to put SPF 50 on the baby and nothing on myself. Ooops. Now I’m a bit itchy, but it’ll be tan tomorrow.

We walked with our mommy group this morning. As usual, me and Kami kicked butt and outpaced the group. Not that it’s a race, but we all know how competitive I am, so… We walked about 4 miles today! Woohoo! Those jeans are getting closer and closer to fitting.

Mary came over later and we went down to Juanita beach and walked and chatted down there. It was just such a beautiful day I could think of no reason to stay inside. Except that RE is going through her 3 month growth spurt and nursing every stinkin’ hour! But not even that could keep me inside today. Have baby, will travel.

Then Lisa stopped by, which was great, since we haven’t seen her in an AGE! She hadn’t even met the baby yet.

All in all, another great day. If this weather keeps up, I’m going to be one happy girl! What is it about sunshine? I swear it’s like a drug. But that’s what living in Seattle will do to a person. When it’s out, I appreciate it SO much more than I did living in California. It’s days like yesterday and today that remind me how much I love living here.


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