One more reason to LOVE cloth diapering!

As many of you know, Michael and I chose to cloth diaper Ryan, not so much for the economical advantage (as we chose a diaper service, we really aren’t saving money), but because of the environmental guilt and the desire to have soft, fluffy stuff on our darling’s butt. That, and disposable dipes are NASTY. So, I’ve recently discovered that cute diaper covers are quite easy to sew, and quite addicting as well. I’ve got a whole stack of fabric waiting for me to turn into darling diaper covers! As soon as I finish this damn paper for school, I’m allowed back on my sewing machine. It’s a self-imposed ban.

And I’m working on knitting her a diaper cover too. It’s green, my fave, and if I get my tush over to the fabric store, it might wind up with a pink stripe in it! Y’all know how I LOVE pink and green!

So in any case, as much as I love cloth diapering for the environmental reasons, it’s also another excuse to dress my daughter in cuteness!! And seek out new and more fabulous accesories for her tush! All under the guise of necessity, too, since one MUST use a cover for the cloth, why can’t it be cute?


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