Rice Cereal Facials

RE eats cereal now! Yum…

Ok, so more of it ends up on her bib, her hands, her pants, her chair, the table, the dog, etc. than in her stomach, but it’s fun nonetheless! And she totally digs it, so that makes it even better. She grabs the spoon as it’s heading towards her mouth and shoves it in her mouth, only to find that, blech, there is something on it! What is this nonsense? Ick, it’s food. Oh, I’ll try it she says…yum, that’s good stuff. And then we start all over again.

She’s also big on the sippy cup now. She tries to steal my water bottles, glasses, Starbucks cups and drink out of them, but she’s always surprised and a little grossed out by what’s inside (not coffee, shit guys, I’m not Britney).

While we were in Cali, mom and I went to a lovely restaurant in Walnut Creek and Ryan was trying desperatly to attack my food. She finally got my water glass and nearly pulled the whole thing on her!! Then we asked the waiter for a shotglass so she could drink some herself and man, it was good times.

She thinks she’s such a big girl. It’s crazy.


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