Ryan and her sidekick, Zoe!

Ryan loves Zoe. I don’t know how many of you I’ve shared this with, but she truly loves this dog.

She watches Zoe everywhere she goes. She tries to wriggle out of our arms to get to her. She squeals in delight when Zoe licks her face (gross).

And Zoe loves Ryan too. Sometimes, I think Zoe’s thinking, “Oh God, why do they let her pet me? All she does is grab my fur!” But other times, it seems as though she loves the attention. And the treats that Ryan gives her.

So, I walk back into the dressing area this morning, and find Ryan sitting in her boppy, hanging out, playing with that girl in the mirror, and Zoe, all curled up, head on the boppy, with Ryan’s arm flung over Zoe’s head. It was such a kodak moment…and of course, I have a picture!

In any case, though I still don’t trust Zoe (14# baby v 80# dog? no.), I feel MUCH more comfortable about having her and Ryan in the same household. There had been some talk about whether or not we’d be able to keep Zoe, but I think it’s all going to work out fine.

Besides, what would Ryan do without her sidekick?


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