Woohooo!!! We had a party for Ryan’s first birthday and it was crazy fun!!! We had all of her friends (and ours too) over for food and fun! There was a play area for the kiddos, burgers and beer for the adults, and good times had by all! I’m always so pleased and amazed when I get all of my friends together how well everyone gets alone. My playgroup friends mingling with high school friends mixing with Michael’s man-buddies…I love it. I mean, one of my playgroup friends was making plans with my neighbor to go to a pub down the street (one sitter for all the girls, we all go out, good stuff!)! And another friend was getting maternity advice from another playgroup buddy. It’s just awesome!

Ryan had a blast, though she was totally overwhelmed by all the people! Thank goodness my parents came, because they totally helped Michael and I with RE. She thoroughly enjoyed her cake, digging her paws into it before I even got her into her high chair! She then tasted it, and ate it, and offered it to anyone within reach!! Then she put it in her hair, cause frosting makes great conditioner!

I just can’t thank enough everyone who was there to celebrate with us: first and foremost, my parents…we really couldn’t have done it without you guys. Julie and Brian, thank you for helping with the aftermath! Maui and Erika, thank you for helping with the BBQ. Kami, thank you for loaning us the great playmat. Jim, thank you for taking pictures, and I’m sure it will be your turn soon enough. Meghan and Kory, thank you for being there with all our random friends and for always being there for all the biggies for us. I can only hope we can do the same for you guys. And to everyone else, thank you so much for being such great friends. I’m so glad we’ve either known you forever, or have just met you and really made you parts of our lives.

Much love and thanks to all who donated toys to Children’s also…we’ll be donating them in the name of Ryan and her friends this week…we know they’ll be appreciated by the children there.


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