My sexy green shoes…ouch.

I found the world’s coolest shoes at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. They didn’t have my size, so the lovely salesgirl ordered them for me from another store. Love her. My justification for spending $100 on green and pink, four-inch wedge heels was the wedding that Ryan and I were in this weekend. As I got myself all settled in my wedding attire (a cute, brown, low-cut halter dress), I realized that maybe these shoes wouldn’t be the most comfortable for running around chasing RE. But, princess that I am, I make sacrifices for beauty. And these shoes were HOT.

Before the ceremony even started, I noticed that my left heel was hurting a little more than I’d like. I pulled my shoe off, and realized that I was bearing the tell-tale mark of an evil shoe: a blister! Before the ceremony!! I was able to do a quick fix with some band-aids, but ew! How ugly was that?!

By the end of the night, I was hobbling to my car, baby on my hip, pushing our heavily laden stroller, cursing my desire for the world’s cutest shoes. My feet were swollen, and I spent the entire next day nursing the bruises on the balls of my feet.

I am returing the shoes today, and sad as I am, at least I got to wear the world’s hottest shoes once…I’m now on the lookout for hot green and pink FLATS!!


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