Peanut was a flower girl!!

She’s a scene stealer…that much we’ve already established. However, Peanut took it one step further with her flower girl role this weekend. She was decked out in a pink tutu, white tank, pink and green striped babylegs and white ballet shoes. Um, can we say adorable? As I was also in the wedding party, I didn’t have a chance to take many pics, but the wedding photographer did, so they will be forthcoming. She did great during the formal pictures, even managing to smile for several of them. RE warmed quickly to the 10 year old ring bearer, and they quickly became pals. RE is always obsessed with the “big girls” and this one liked kids too, so it was a perfect match. The ring bearer managed to drag RE down the aisle without me, surrounded by “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the guests. Once at the front, she came straight to me, stole my bouquet, and used it to “sweep” the altar area…what can I say, she loves to clean?

We spent the cocktail hour greeting guests, thanking them for their kind words about RE’s adorable-ness, and eating grapes. Mommy didn’t manage to snag any cocktails, but that’s cool…

By the time dinner rolled around, it was already half-past Peanut’s bedtime, and the little party animal was still rockin’ it out. She sat patiently in her high chair, surrounded by pink tulle and all covered up with her giant pink bib. When bride wants pink, bride gets pink. She did amazingly well for a kiddo who hadn’t really eaten yet, and was well past bedtime. She played, ate, and wandered around, dancing for a bit, playing with the drumset for a bit, and generally flirting with anyone who’d look at her.

Close to 930, she started doing her drunk walk, which generally means that she’s pretty tired. She will walk into furniture, walls, and random people, much like drunk people at a good party. We packed it up and headed home, taking a cupcake and milk for the road.

First flower girl experience was a total success, and we can’t wait for next summer to be in Uncle Mike and (to-be) Aunt Allison’s wedding!


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