Cute Ry story for the day…

Just another funny Ry story for your morning.

I was hollering at the dog yesterday, trying to get her to sit on the bed so I could get her breakfast ready. Ryan, standing by my side, looked at the dog, pointed to the dog bed, and yelled “SI” (her word for “sit”). Zoe sat. Ryan clapped, and toddled to the back door. We went outside, where she took the scoop with Zoe’s food to her bowl, and dumped it in. She then picked up EACH ONE of the little pieces of dog food ONE at a time, and put them into the big bowl.

Truly, truly adorable.

Oh, and Gabe (Tammy’s Gabe) tried to help out by diapering Izzy…silly, darling, helpful boy. We can’t wait to see them next month!


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