Fall has fallen

Fall has fallen…it’s chilly and crispy and I have to wear socks. Ryan stood in the open doorway this morning and hugged herself and said “brrrr.” It’s so gorgeous though today…the leaves are all starting to turn, the sun is out, and it’s one of the PERFECT fall days that reminds me (again) why I do so love living up here. Of course, I love fall for a multitude of reasons, the weather only being one of them…
-My birthday (October 24th) generally a highlight of my year, and I’m no long bitter about being ever closer to 30.
The colors. There is just something spectacular about the reds, oranges, browns and deep greens that makes me smile.
-Back to School. Call me silly, but it’s just not fall if I don’t have to buy new pens and notebooks. While I’ve graduated, and am no longer attending the University, I am taking Childbirth Education classes that start this weekend, and of course, I work on campus, so I still get to experience that whole BTS fun.
-Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Um, nothing to say but yum. Thank you Starbucks.
-Holiday shopping, or window shopping this year for me. I love the mall at holiday time, and as you all know, holiday at the mall starts the instant Halloween decorations come down!
-Halloween! Not so much the candy, though mini-chocolate is always a good thing, but the costumes! I used to LOVE all the planning and crafting and sewing that went into creating my costumes, and now I love planning and crafting and sewing RE’s costumes. She’ll be Rainbow Brite this year. Who cares what mommy will be!
-Thanksgiving. Martha Stewart Thanksgiving, to be precise. Turkey, cranberries, cheesy rolls, stuffing, gravy, I’m salivating typing this. As usual, any orphans are welcome to join us for our official Orphan Thanksgiving.
-Sweaters. I love sweaters, and I love jeans, and I love wearing them.
-Scarves. There’s just something classy about wearing a scarf. I love when the weather supports my fashion choices.
-This year, my girly trip to Portland with Julie…I can’t freakin‘ wait. 2 whole days with no kiddo (though I’ll miss her). We never do anything without the kids, so it’ll be awesome to have a meal and actually enjoy our food without being embarrassed that the whole restaurant is staring at us and our obnoxious children. Yes, we’ve become THOSE people. The ones we swore we’d never be.


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