There’s a lot of learning happening here!

So, everyone likes to brag about all the cool things their kids know, like shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet. My kid kinda knows some of those things, but today, she impressed me, as she often does, with her extensive knowledge of the “world of mommy.”

*She showed me today at credit cards (ceh-it cars) go into wallets (wah-yet) and that is money (moh-yee).
*We blow-dried mommy’s hair with the blow-dryer (loud), and brushed mommy’s hair with the brush (buhsh). We also brushed and dried RE’s hair.
*RE brushed Tiny Baby’s teeth, and then fed her milk (mil).
*Mommy put on makeup (mahte-uh), Ryan put on makeup (well, pretend). Mommy put on mascara (mah-cara), Ryan let mommy put mascara on her (again, pretend, what kind of nut job do you think I am?).
*Other favorite words and phrases: COFFEE (cohp-eee), beer, wine (wihe), cheese and pasta (cheee an pah-tah), apples and oatmeal (mote-mee).

I asked her at dinner the other night, “Do you still like Big Bird?” She shook her head, yes. I asked if she liked Elmo; again, yes. Clifford? Yep. Clifford better than Elmo? Big yes. Then I asked, “Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?” She shook her head, “no.”

Dude, my kid is awesome.


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