Fun at SAM

I decided that rather than host a playgroup at my tiny house, with tons of stir crazy toddlers, we’d take advantage of the free first Thursdays at Seattle Art Museum! And what a blast we all had…there was a super cool kid room, much like a preschool classroom, where the kids all ran around, read books, played with blocks and made music.

When we decided that we (the adults) had enough of the playroom, we packed the kiddos up and wandered around the American and Modern art sections. I don’t remember SAM having such a cool exhibit space, or so many great paintings. In fact, I don’t think they did last time I was there. I’d now put it at par with SFMOMA, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Chicago Art Institute. Pretty cool, but now I know I have to go back without Ryan, and that I’d be more than willing to pay admission for it (though free is nice).

So, pics of the kids enjoying themselves/my own little bit of art:


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