Happy New Year!

Wooo…now that the holiday hangover is subsiding, and the wrapping paper is all in the recycle bin, and ALL those darn boxes are gone, we can finally settle back into a little bit of normal. Well, our usual, totally crazy normal, that is.

But, routine is routine, and that’s kind of nice. Now, if you knew me before I had a kid, you’d know that I’m the queen of anti-routine. I loved waking up having NO clue what I was going to do on any given day (except work) and lived by that special calendar in my head. Now, I live by that special calender in my phone, and if that doesn’t say something is happening, then I guess it’s not happening! It’s crazy, I tell ya! But toddlers do like routines, and without them, things get a little hectic. She likes her naps, and if she doesn’t go down around 1, she starts asking for “nigh, nigh”. Poor kid…gone are the days when I could pack a bag full of diapers and head out only to return at 6pm. Not anymore! No more napping in the car, in the sling, in the stroller and everywhere and anywhere. I hate to say it, because I do love my 2 hour “lunch break” but I’ll kind of enjoy things when she’s done with daytime naps. I know it’s a ways off, but still.

Our “giftmas” was great, how was yours? We hung out in our jammies all day, lazed around, took pictures, ate, didn’t shower until 4: the usual! Ryan got some neat gifts, like puzzles, doll toys, a ride on trike with no pedals, and books.

And the piece de resistance? Rainboots from Baba. She’d sleep in them if we let her.


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