My Piece of Peace

It’s not often that I find peace…I live a VERY busy life, and though yes, I do it to myself, I can’t help but want a little peace sometimes. This afternoon, after both kiddos (yep, I’m nannying now) had eaten lunch, we headed outside for some much needed Vitamin D direct from my favorite source: the Sun. I didn’t realize just how lovely it was outside. We grabbed a beach towel, since it had been pouring only a few hours earlier; pirate’s booty, cause it ain’t no party without the booty; and bubbles, cause, well, Ry’s two. So, I blew bubbles, she chased them, Mr. C watched us and crawled around, and I thought about nothing but these sweet little people in front of me.

Ryan and I laid down on the warm grass, and she snuggled into me. I think one of my favorite feelings in the world is lying in the sun, eyes closed with that super warm feeling that can only come from feeling so peaceful and calm. Bonus points for being on the beach and having warm sand under you, but extra super bonus points for having a snuggly peanut cuddled up on you.

It’s so rare that I’m truly not thinking about 60 other things…and this was one of those rare moments. So peaceful, in fact, that I didn’t even have the camera. I don’t need one though. This is just one of those perfect moments that will go down in memory.

So, even if it was just for a few minutes, I found peace today. I’ll take what I can get…


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