leopard print toddlers

I was packing for our trip this week when I realized that it was a) awfully quiet in the house and b) I wasn’t quite sure where RE was. This is rarely a good thing.

I ran all over the house (took all of 10 seconds), and found her sitting in the vanity, playing under the sink (she sorted out how to use the TotLocs ages ago). What fun, fabulous, fantastic thing did she find under the counter? Toothpaste? Lipgloss? Eye Shadow? Nail Polish? Nope.

Self-Tanning Lotion. Not the gradual kind. The hard core, turn you orange if you’re not careful kind. The kind mommy waters down with regular lotion before using. Sh!t.

And yep, that’s what I uttered. Sh!t. As I stripped her top off, set her up at the sink, and proceeded to scrub (not very gently, I may add), at her face, hoping upon hope that I would not have to take a leopard print toddler to the airport tomorrow. Daddy and I had a really good laugh as we encouraged RE to play in the water, and with the soap.

All is good…no crazy orange stripes. Mommy’s slightly neurotic cleaning has finally paid off.

And speaking of airports, RE is VERY excited to “go airfart and visit nonnapapasadie in Cayifona.”

Our trip to Cayifona on an airfart is going to rock.

Oh, and today is our 4th Anniversary. Hooray for us.
According to About.com, you should buy us flowers, linen/silk, and send us to Hawaii. We’ll be waiting. You all have our address.


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