I’m such a dunce

I fell down the stairs.

Why? Well, I was rockin’ my super hot high heels, because I was heading out to SATC:TM with Miss Lys, and I simply caught the heel on the TOP of my parents stairs, and proceeded to tumble head over heels down the stairs, stopped by the landing, the wall, and the bannister.


Now, my neck hurts, my head hurts, and I’m quite bruised. Most of my left arm is bruised, and both my shins are, and I have a lovely bruise on my head that I only notice when I’m washing or brushing my hair.

This came towards the end of a day that began with a 2nd mei tai (at midnight), a toddler in bed (330am), a VERY early wake up (530am), a seriously wicked hangover, and spending most of that hangover trying not to throw up on an airplane. With a 2 year old. Thank God I brought The Incredibles on DVD and my laptop (because I don’t yet own anything more portable than that).


What a day…


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