Feeling really blessed…

And I’m not really one to toss that word around, but I really, truly feel blessed with some amazing people in our lives. Yesterday, Ryan spent the day with her best bud Owen and his parents at Camano Island while I worked. She had a blast, and really enjoyed her time looking at crabs and playing in the sand. Today, we went over to Lindsay and Elliot’s for dinner (which was great) and Ryan and Owen took a tubby together.

This is only one set of friends that have been so great, kind, and welcoming to us. It’s hard living away from family, but friends like those we have up here make it so much easier.

I sit in my fairly clean house right now, watching 27 Dresses, and just enjoying the peace. Tomorrow it’s my turn to have 2 toddlers on hand, so I’ll just enjoy my little bit of quiet I have right now.

This is Ryan, the morning after, in her boyfriend’s jammies…


2 thoughts on “Feeling really blessed…

  1. I’m glad you get a chance to relax (rare, isn’t it?) It must be going around… I had a great day, too. You should look at my blog. Bonus: I posted a video of a chick playing “Toxic” on the ukelele. For real. 🙂

  2. aw, we heart you too. 🙂ryan looks so sweet in owen’s jammies! they have such a good time together. can’t wait to see you when you get back.

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