First Day in Chicago

I know they’re not for everyone, but I really, really love big cities. I love the public transportation, I love being able to walk everywhere, and though I generally hate crowds, for some reason, city crowds just don’t bother me.

We took the EL down to DePaul University, where the conference is being held, and the three of us grabbed lunch after I checked in. Michael and RE wandered all over Lincoln Park, and found themselves at the Lincoln Park Zoo. RE told me all about the monkeys at the zoo, and we talked endlessly about the train she rode. I kind of think that between the plane and 2 train rides, these 2 days have been the highlight of her little life.

Meanwhile, I really enjoyed the conference sessions I attended today: Finance and HR for small businesses, and Owning and Operating a B&M. Both have be fired up and scared witless of opening my own shop…mostly because I know I dream big, and big dreams cost money and time, neither of which I have. Plus, I’m not really sure that this is really what I want to do in the end run…I know I’m good at this retail stuff, I know I’d have customers, I know they’d be happy and well-treated, but I don’t know if running a shop, owning a shop, and being my own boss will be enough to keep me from getting into that “I hate retail” place. I don’t think I would, mostly because this is a whole different game than I’ve played before, but it’s scary nonetheless.
What I do know is that it’s a decision that has to be made sooner than later. I can’t grow the business anymore in the space I have (my kitchen), and that’s actually not a terrible thing right now, as I have some catch up to do with inventory and selling. But, I digress.

The day kind of rocked from there…we met with Tammy, Drew, Gabe and Izzy and hung out with them for the rest of the evening. I love that whenever Tam and I get together, it’s like no time has passed. Suddenly, we’re 23 again, and hanging out at Michael’s bachelor pad, or at Clubsport, or driving through Taco Bell on the way back to Las Positas, and it’s just like the old days. But we have husbands (well, Michael’s always been around) and kids, and strollers and slings and diaper bags and just a whole lot more stuff! But we hung out on the street for a while waiting for Katie and Jason to meet up with us, then finally caught up with them, and went for pizza. We found a great little pizza joint and the kids were SO well-behaved…I think Katie and Jason want kids, but only if they can be like all of ours.

I have conference the next two days, and then we get to see Tammy and Drew again on Saturday and Sunday (I think), then one more day with James, then home and back to the grind (kind of, it’s 4th of July holiday).


One thought on “First Day in Chicago

  1. thats one stylish kid you got there!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE JUNIPER BABY LEGS!!!!shes alerady worn them twice! and its hot here!!! but…she insists. thanks a million for thinking of us. youre the sweetest!

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