More Chicago Pics

My three favorite kids at the beach in Chicago…Gabe, Ryan and Izzy. I love these pics.

Princess Ryan being hauled up the stairs in her chariot my Michael and Uncle James.

MMmm, yummy Thai food.
Searching for lightening bugs.
Chasing a cute boy during yoga class. Yeppers, she’s my kid.
Ryan, Gabe and Izzy, groovin to the tunes.

Rub a dub, dub. Three adorable naked blonde kids in a tub.
A real choo-choo train! Well, the local commuter train to get out to the corn fields where Tammy lives.
At American Place, the American Girls’ doll store. Fun for mommy and Ryan. Not so fun for daddy.
Crack kills.
Half asleep at the zoo.
At Starbucks after the Art Institute. Note to self, toddlers DO NOT appreciate 18th century European Art.
The men setting of said fireworks, and our consummate host, James.


One thought on “More Chicago Pics

  1. oooh loving all the new pics up! so awesome! mommy n me yoga?? dude!! thats soooo cool!!!and fireflies?? .they are only the coolest bugs ever.

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