Such Great Heights

Listening to: The Postal Service: “Such Great Heights”

I love this song. Is it overplayed? I don’t know, but I don’t really care. It always brings back memories of my pregnancy with RE, where I spent many, many days listening to The Garden State Soundtrack. Right now, looking back, those 39 weeks I was pregnant with RE were some of the best weeks of my life. I was still a student, and working, and really feeling like I was contributing not only to society, but to my family. I miss school. And I kind of miss working, too. But I can’t imagine passing RE off to someone else to raise her, and missing out on all of the fabulous fun things we do each day. I know she’d be fine, and please, if you’re reading this and do send your child/children to daycare, understand that this is not a comment on you or your parenting. This is just my personal choice, and I really want to be able to stay home and be with RE. That said, we don’t always get what we want, and I really may have to sort out life and find something else to do to make some money. And I might have to find daycare for RE 3 days a week. And that makes me sad. I’m totally rambling now, and I need to make a card for a friend’s birthday this weekend, so I’m off to get gluey and crafty and maybe that’ll put me in a better mood.
Maybe I like the song so much because it feels a little encouraging. Cheesy, but it makes me kind of aspire to do good things…it also kind of makes me want to escape to the roof of a building and just look down at everyone and how tiny everyone is and be able to ignore all the little, stupid problems that are so horrifyingly magnified down here on Earth. Maybe from a great height, they don’t look so bad.


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