The Milky Way and Life’s Butter Dreams

I’ll get to it, but eventually this will be a recap of Mike’s wedding weekend in Fort Bragg/Mendocino. Complete with an explanation of the bizzaro title.

Woe, woe, woe, your boat
Gentie down da streem
Merriyee, merriyee, merriyee, merriyee
Life’s a butter dream
~Ryan Elizabeth

We all had a hard time getting over RE’s adorable “butter dreams” this weekend. She sang the song all on her own, without prodding, many times over (thank you Owen for teaching her that), and really, there is nothing sweeter than a two year old’s rendition of just about anything.

And life truly was a butter dream this weekend. My little brother got married. To a wonderful woman with a wonderful family. I peed on the beach (ie, not in a toilet) and as a many of you know, this is a pretty big deal for me. Quite liberating, really. I saw the Milky Way, and a quantity of stars I had no idea existed. I saw shooting stars, and yes, I made wishes. I think I even wished on a satellite. Oh well. Maybe it’ll come true anyway. And no, I’m not sharing. We had a bonfire on the beach that was broken up by fire-fighters, dressed to fight.

I took a million photos of the dahlias in bloom at the gardens where the ceremony took place. Some of them are even good. I traipsed through the wilderness in wedge sandals, and lost half the skin off my feet to the dirt exfoliation that I didn’t realize was a part of the wedding package. I used a portapottie in a formal gown, with a toddler, also in a formal gown.

I danced to “Shout” with my Peanut and my hubby. I ate really good food all weekend. We built sand castles on the beach, and RE saw a doe and 2 fawn in the backyard of the vacation home. I was a beachcomber, and found fun shells and rocks to do something crafty with (watch out glue gun, here I come). I got to see my dear friend and her darling children who are growing at an astonishing rate. I got to see all of my brother’s dear friends who have grown into fantastic, eloquent, well-heeled young adults. We toasted the sunset at 8:30pm on August 2nd, 2008. Congratulations Mike and Allison. If your life together has half as much beauty as that sunset, you’ll be blessed.

I’m not sure how much I can really verbalize how great the weekend was, so I’ll have to let the pictures do what they do, and speak 1000 words for me. And I’ll have to do it tomorrow, as I am tired.
Or in three days, because I’m super busy!!


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