Hallmark really does make a card for everything

I found these at the Hallmark store today, among many others that I didn’t write down, but should have:




Support for parents who’s children have made bad decisions

Bad day

I think that might be my dream job, writing for Hallmark. I don’t know if I could do it, but I think I’m pretty clever much of the time, and I know it’d be a blast. Can you imagine their meetings?

Let’s brainstorm new ideas for cards, folks!

Oooh, I know, how about a “Congratulations on your breast reduction/enlargement!”

Or, “Congratulations, you’ve found Viagra!”

Or, “I’m so sorry your anti-depressants don’t seem to be helping”

Or, “I’m so sorry your son got his girlfriend knocked up”/”I’m so sorry your daughter got knocked up”

What fun! I so want to work for Hallmark.


2 thoughts on “Hallmark really does make a card for everything

  1. Haha that would be hilarious. What about, “I’m sorry your husband/wife is a total jerk and cheated on you… have another glass of wine!”

  2. You really found a card for anorexia? That’s SO wrong. What if they made more “just because” cards? Like, “Another day, another lousy day at work…sorry you hate your job!”or “Povery loves company…sorry you didn’t hit the lotto jackpot this time!” Hehe.

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