She’s driving me bonkers…is 2:24pm too early for a cocktail? Is it less than fortunate that I’m wondering that?

She’s been eating since 8am. I don’t know why. She’s had oatmeal, mac and cheese, string cheese, pickles, grapes, blueberries, fruit strip, and I don’t know what else. Crazy amounts of food, and she’s STILL whining that she’s hungry. I think she’s bored, or growing, but I honestly don’t know what else to feed the darn kid.

So, she’s running around the living room taking pictures of her chalkboard, her toes, and the carpet…awesome.

I’m tired already.


2 thoughts on “Ack!

  1. See, THIS is what I try to explain to Chris when he says that kids don’t cost all that much. I have to space Aden out – he’ll eat a huge bowl of cereal and then ask for a cheesy stick 10 minutes later. I just tell him it isn’t snack time yet. 🙂

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