Oh the possibilities…

I have 75 feet by 18 inches of crafty possibilities, and I cannot wait to dig in. I’ll be creating some stencils with the freezer paper, and getting crafty on some solid tees that RE has…if hers turn out well, I’ll probably do some of my own as well! I’ve even got a skirt planned out in my head to paint on.

Speaking of digging in, this being the first post and all, I do hope that those of you who choose to read this blog enjoy the crafty goodness we share with you on here.

How did the name come about? Well, in addition to being 2 mommies to 3 kids, wives to 2 husbands (separate, of course), having a full time job, a part time job, a small business, and 2 households to run between the 2 of us, we’re crafty too! Anytime the children show up in a handmade, or handcrafted, or hand altered garment, the chorus resounds with, “Oh my goodness, you craft/sew/knit/crochet/embroider/draw/paint/write too?”

Yep, we do.

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