A Fresh Coat

*pics to come*

We’ve repainted our house! Whoo! It’s now a lovely shade of light gray, and it looks great and bright in here.

The bathroom and vanity area and light tan, the bedroom will be (soon, I hope) a darker tan (think cream with coffee) with one orange wall. We’re very excited for it.

I’ve found great fabric to re-do the pillows, curtains, and whatever else I can do in the living room. I’m just waiting for mom to get here with her sewing machine to help out!

And then, the piece-de-resistance: new floors! Dark wood, all through the living, dining, kitchen and halls. Only the bedrooms will be carpeted, and for that, I’m SO excited! After we get that finished, I’ll be looking for some kind of credenza to store shop stuff in the dining room, and possibly a storage unit for the rest. I think I’m done having it in the house, even though it’s so quick and easy to fill orders.

But, this is all in the name of making the house so much more livable. And I can’t wait.


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