Obama Mama


Ok, so I might not be a hockey mom, and I don’t really expect to be at any point (RE just isn’t coordinated enough to be on skates and hold a stick and try to hit a puck). But, I get these women, and I like their quick witted, funny, on point reasons to vote for Obama. And to vote against McCain/Palin.

To be honest, I don’t know that I totally hate McCain, it’s Sarah Palin I hate. Women or not, I don’t care what anatomy she has, she’s an idiot. I know I’m not the most brilliant woman on the planet, and I’m woefully ignorant in matters of foreign policy, and civics in general (I could use a go with SchoolHouse Rock Election DVD), but I’m not trying to run for VP. Which is, after all, an almost vote for P. And really, she’s the LAST person I’d want running our country. I’m not against a woman running, I’m against this woman. She’s a throwback, and relys on her looks and cute-ness to get her by the tough questions. She’s pulling the “I’m new here” card to get away with running circles around things she doesn’t understand. If you’re new, then you shouldn’t be on the damn ticket. And I don’t dislike her because she’s pretty (which she is). I don’t think a woman president should be unattractive. I happen to think Hilary Clinton IS pretty. I also thought she should have had the Democratic ticket. But alas, she hasn’t, and it’s Obama I stand behind now.

I know this might spark some debate, or make you hate me for my political views, but as this is my personal blog, read at your own risk, and love me anyway.


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