Nothing is safe in my house…

If it’s plain, and in my path, watch out. I’m gonna paint on it.
RE’s owl goes “whoo, whoo” and is named “Owl-Boy”. Oh, and he’s “blinking” at her.
This is the best I could do for an action shot…she wouldn’t hold still

The best part about this one is that it’s RE’s drawing…I loved it so much, I used it twice. When I showed them to her this morning, she proclaimed that the one on black was “mommy, daddy and Iyan” and the one on yellow was “Owey B, Owey B’s daddy and Yindsay.”

The stencils…I love the way those look just as much as the final project.

She flipped out on this one, loving her “spider friends” and talking about how one was bigger and one is smaller. This one I did freehand instead of stenciling. I thought just going to town on it would be more fun than cutting out all those tiny bits on freezer paper.

I think I’m ready to do one of my own shirts…but for some reason I just can’t decide what do put on mine!

Ahhh, and for the record, I’m using Jacquard fabric paints, though always looking for something better!

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3 thoughts on “Nothing is safe in my house…

  1. Dude, I LOVE your stencils. I want to stencil Aden’s drawings. I think it would take me a few tries to cut out the right parts – do you use a xacto blade? And where do you get the shirts?

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