The Pettiskirt

So, those of you who know us crafty mamas personally might vaguely recall the can-can costumes of 2002. Alyssa and I painstakingly recreated some pretty freakin’ fabulous costumes straight out of Moulin Rouge.

Well, about 200 yards of tulle later, we both SWORE up, down and backwards that we’d NEVER work with tulle again. And of course, I lied. I’ve made Ryan more tutus than I can count, and even sewed one of them in the same method used by real ballet costumers. Again, swearing the whole time that I’d NEVER do something like that again.

So, what, I’m a glutton for punishment? Um, yep. And a hopeless girly-girl, living vicariously through my quite agreeable toddler, at least until the day she wakes up and tells me she needs to wear tight black pants, dye her hair purple and paint her fingernails black.

This year, RE is going to be a Super Hero for Halloween. Not just any super hero though; a princess super hero. And when you ask her, she whispers it, like it’s a big secret: I going to be a Super Hero. And mommy has decided that this princess super hero should wear a pettiskirt. Made not of tulle, no, I swore I’d never play with that again, but nylon chiffon. Did you know there’s something even more annoying to work with than tulle? There is, and it’s nylon chiffon!

But, it’s going to rock, and roll (or loll), and be super awesome. And it’s going to be royal blue, aqua and orange. Doesn’t get cooler than that.


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