RIP Canon SD 550

My camera died the other day. Or rather, it was killed, by none other than RE, the whole reason for the camera’s existence. She was in a back carry on me, and dropped it in the IKEA parking lot. This is the last shot that will ever be taken with this camera.

And a few other pictures taken that morning, in her new “comfy” pants. I think she thinks I’m papparazi and she needs to shield herself from me.

I still haven’t replaced the camera, but plan to this week. It’s really quite tragic, as I was hoping to have 6 more months or so out of it, and be able to save some moolah for a DSLR, but that’s not happening, so another Digital Elph will be coming home with us from Costco soon. Already, only a few days after the “accident”, I feel like my right arm is missing. I hate being without a camera. RE always does cute things when I have nothing to capture them with. Grr.

Speaking of cute things, she sings the ENTIRE Curious George soundtrack by heart. The whole thing. She loves it. It’s hilarious. And she “calls” our friends to get them to meet us places.

“Hello? Lindsay? You want to meet at taco store? Yah? OK. See you in 5 minutes.”



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