Halloween is over…

And RE really enjoyed herself this year. Mommy and daddy felt a bit harried by it all, but she had a blast, and asked the next day if she could to “trick or treat” again. The candy was a big draw for her. We went out with her bestie, Owen, and my dear friend, Linds and had a blast. The neighborhood was great…lots of people got way into it and did haunted houses. Owen could have cared less, but Ryan was scared out of her mind. I asked her if she wanted to be brave like Owen, and she said, “nope, not brave mommy, afraid.” Sad.

But her superhero costume rocked, and I’ve reminded her that although we can’t have candy like that all the time, we CAN dress up whenever we want.

Which brings me to Luke’s birthday party, the other event of the weekend. To which she wore her tutu. Not the Halloween one, but her regular one (I know, she has more than one? Well, yeah, she has 3 or 4). I asked her if she wanted to wear a party dress or regular clothes to the party, and she wanted to wear a party dress. Great, I though. A chance to bust out some of those rarely worn foufou dresses she’s got. I pulled a few out, and she said, no, and went over to the dress up bin and grabbed this giant, poufy, pink tutu. “This mommy. I wear this.” Right on. I’ve joked for months now that I secretly can’t wait for her to request to wear a tutu (or any other slightly ridiculous costume) out and about, and it finally happened. And though I may have pretended to be a little whatever about it, I was more than a little thrilled. It is socially unacceptable for me to wear a tutu out in public, so let the kid do it until she can’t!

And speaking of social acceptability, we’ve been discussing when it is and is not appropriate to pick one’s nose. We’ve outline that it’s OK to pick in the car, the house and bathrooms. It is NOT ok to pick in stores, restaurants, or other people’s houses. It’s a process. And it’s gross. It’s got to be kept to a minimum.

On the home front, the house is a hole right now…covered in blue underlayment, half a floors worth of wood, and the rest plywood and random furniture strewn about. M is going to try to get things wrapped up this week, then we can put furniture back this weekend, paint the trim next week, and be done with it all by Thanksgiving? Then I’ll have to get cracking on the pillows and curtains. I need to have a sew-along with some friends, cause I need motivation!


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