I’m such a list maker…

I have a huge list of handmade pressies for the holidays this year, as I am primarily planning to do a handmade holiday.

I can’t, of course, really blog a whole lot about it until after the holidays, as I expect that, on occasion, my friend’s read this blog. But I will tell what I’m making for the kids…they can’t read yet.

Several of the boys will be getting this DARLING go-fish set.

Most of the girls will be getting either Black Apple dolls or Wee Wonderfuls dolls.

RE and a few of the other kids may also get a set of wooden Little People.

These coffee cozies are on the list as well as some hand dyed, hand painted scarves (these are all me, and I’ll post a tute when I get the fabric).

Plus, I want to make RE another tutu, more of a skirt type one that she can wear when she feels like it, and with some regularity. I’ve also got plans for a small dollhouse for her, plus, of course, people to go in it. I bought her a big one, but had already bought this smaller thing, and so her dolls will just have a casita as well. For her birthday, I’m making her a playhouse table tent out of a great bedspread I found at Target.

Of course, I’ve still got the curtains, pillows and paint trim to finish, plus, you know, raise a kid, run a household, keep a small business afloat, teach childbirth ed, and watch a few other kids.

It’s no wonder I make all these lists.


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