Hand-painted Scarves

I plotted out this project months ago, found knit fabric on sale and bought a ton of it. My current favorite scarf is a jersey knit, and I’ve been thinking about painting or stencilling on it for a while, but couldn’t decide what to do. So, for a holiday gift for a few family members, I decided to dye this fabric and use the freezer paper stencil technique. The tree, to me, represents the bareness of winter, but on a scarf is all warmy and toasty and comfy and cozy.

These ones, in a way, represent my desire for spring (I know, today is only the first day of winter; it’s going to be a long few months)…they started out with just the green grasses, then I decided that they needed blooms, and for some reason, orange just felt right. I used the bottom of a paint bottle for the big blooms, and a crayon dipped in paint for the little ones.

I’ve really been enjoying creating these gifts for friends, family and the little people in my life…I feel like these gifts mean more to me to give because I’ve actually spent tons of time on them, and infused them with a little bit of me. And really, they’re pretty much one of a kind…or in a series of sorts…wearable art!
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