Just when I decide I’m done with winter, the old man come a-knocking again. And whilst I do love to grumble and groan about snow, and cold, and wind, and, um, cold, I found inspiration in the snowflakes today. Maybe it was because they were so fluffy, maybe because they were almost standing still while I drove (or walked) straight into them. Or maybe, and probably, it was because I could actually SEE them. Maybe I was just looking today. It was that kind of day. But today, I really stopped, and tried to SEE the snowflakes. Each one of them. And I was reminded, that even when I am convinced everything has been done before, and that there is nothing new out there, along comes a snowflake, or a whole flurry of them, to remind me that creativity is boundless. Limitless. Unending.

RE also reminds me of the boundless, limitless, unending depths of human creativity and imagination. Her presence, most days, is the best gift we could ever have been given. I know it’s been said, time and time again, by parents the world over, in languages I cannot even fathom, but my child makes me see the world in ways I can’t on my own. In my own busyness, literal-ness, and self-absorption, I cannot see what she can on my own, but with her guidance, I see everything anew.

Thank you, RE, for three years filled with moments of brilliance. I look forward to millions more.

Happy (almost) Birthday, Peanut-Butt.

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