Finally, for myself…

A top, a scarf and a few headwraps. Yes, I look like a Russian housewife circa 1910, but it’s cool. I don’t feel like doing my hair, have been wearing it curly, and well, some days, it just won’t cooperate. Thus, the headwrap. Made from old tee-shirts, they’re even more forgiving, and cute! They’re crazy easy to make…I whipped up two in less than half an hour.

The scarf was also super easy (sometimes, it’s just fun to bang out a bunch of stuff in one shot!). 1/4 yard of the yummiest cherry red knit, cut in half on the diagonal, sewn together, et voila! Long, awesome red scarf to rock this spring. I love red, but always feel very conspicuous wearing it (maybe it’s because my favorite color to wear it black?). This way, I can rock the red without really “wearing” it. And this is seriously the perfect red for me.

The top is actually one I’ve made before, and had finished this, but didn’t like the pleats I did in the front. I changed them up to gathers, and like it much, much better…it also feels rather 70’s housewife (sense a theme?), smock style thing, but again, I’m game. After all, I am an early 21st century housewife/WAHM/WOHM/crafter extraordinairre. I think there are more of these shirts to come (I have three).


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