The things she says…

Are really going to get me in trouble some day. Really.

Ryan went over to a friends house the other day to play while I did baby carrier demos. They were having their carpets cleaned, and so all the furniture was on their small strips of wood in between carpeted areas.

Ryan walks upstairs, see the furniture in disarray, and says, “Holy Shit! Your furniture is all messed up!”

Now, this ought not come as a surprise to those who know me well. I swear like a drunk sailor, and though I try to keep it down, it keeps bubbling up, like a gross belch. It’s only fitting that my child would choose to use this word as a exclamation. Part of me is so proud that she used it correctly, and of course, part of me is horrified, thinking we may HAVE to homeschool her due to her choice turns of phrase not being entirely kosher at preschool.

Maybe I ought to try to stop swearing? Ahhhh, shit. I already have one resolution for the year.

Maybe next year.


One thought on “The things she says…

  1. So what is your one resolution?

    And I think homeschool might be in order – otherwise you might have a Shitgate: The Sequel on your hands. 🙂 hehehe…

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