RE’s last ballet class

The days of my daughter being a ballerina are on hold for now. Her second series of classes ended today, and seeing that preschool starts in 3 weeks (OMG!!), we’re putting ballet on hold for now. I don’t think it’s going to derail her chances of joining PNB.

On the last class of each series, the parents are invited in to watch. We normally have a 6″x3′ window in the door to watch through, and this is a good thing. The girls are less distracted, and actually pay attention to the teacher. When we’re in there, all hell breaks loose and it’s like herding cats in tutus.

I don’t think she’ll miss it…and if she does, we’ll look into trying it again. She enjoys it, and shows me the things she does in class, but I think she may be more of a tap girl than a ballerina. We’ll see!

Ryan and her little pals, Clara and Caroline (which sometimes turns into “Claraline).


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