A new coat for Peanut

In honor of the fall weather that’s trying SO hard to creep into our lives (I’m welcoming it, but apparently I’m the only one), I whipped up a quick little coat for RE. Well, actually, this is a practice run, made from some totally adorable $1/yd IKEA fabric. The REAL coat will come soon, made from some fabulous loden green vintage wool given to me by my granny, but I wanted to try the pattern first on some less important fabric.

I’ve been trying hard to muster up energy these days (many of you know I’m a little bit knocked up at this point), and today, thanks to a lovely nights sleep and an at-home-husband, I found it!

RE loved it, which is always a bonus…I love that she’s still of an age where she likes that I can make her things. I know that someday this will go away (maybe not though) and I’m enjoying and taking advantage of it while I can!

And, a nod to that summer weather that just won’t quit:


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