I owe First Day of School Pictures!

She had a fantastic day…loves preschool. She asks almost every night if the next day is “preschool day” and she can’t wait to keep going back. She thoroughly enjoys playing with whatever messy art project is available for the day, and every morning, heads straight to the little table with the “flubber” (weird gluey/playdough-ish contcoction) to play for a bit before moving onto what’s next. Each day, when she gets in the car, the first thing she tells me about school is what they’ve had for snack. Day one: goldfish. Day two: graham crackers. Apparently, preschool is pretty awesome because they have good snacks. Sometimes she’ll tell me more, sometimes not. Usually it’ll come out as the day progresses. I think it’s a lot for her to process all at once and she needs some quiet time to reflect on her day.

What I find fascinating about the whole thing is that this is the beginning of my little girls’ school career. She’s three and a half, and will be in school for the next 15 years. FIFTEEN! And of course, this has me thinking about the state of public schools, and how we, as parents, will be able to help her succeed despite what’s happening in the schools these days (maybe by the time she gets to high school, a “D” will no longer be considered passing). It’s a lot to process, and though it seems as though we have tons of time, we don’t. Kindergarten is a mere 2 years away, and as is the truth in parenting, the days are long but the years are short.

And for those who were wondering, despite my insane pregnancy hormones, I DID NOT cry on the first day of school (or the second, or the third). Really, Ryan and I were both very ready for this, and I’ve been enjoying my quiet time to get things done as much as she’s enjoying the time to learn and play with other kids her age.


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