Fall is here…

Summer’s been busy, and blogging’s been slow, but I’m hoping that a slowdown in activity of late, and a general love for fall will spark my interest in writing again. Plus, for those who don’t know, I’m knocked up, and being knocked up gives me something new to write about. How knocked up am I? About 15 weeks…so no, not quite in Puerto Rico, this one is a post-vacay baby (wink, wink).

So, the haps on the pregnancy…so far, so good. Baby’s doing well, mama’s surviving, despite the inability to nap whenever I feel like it, or to eat whenever I feel like it. That’s probably the biggest difference between this one and the last. I’m exhausted, as I was when I was pregnant with RE, but I can’t just crash on the couch whenever I feel like it. I’ve got another human to attend to (or two, depending on the day). I also can’t eat strange food whenever I want, simply because it’s not as easy to get at strange food at all times of day or night, and Michael is much less amenable to driving around at 10pm looking for Frosties and grapefruit. Apparently he thinks I’ll survive (doesn’t he know?).

This birth will happen at Puget Sound Birth Center, under the care of midwives, and hopefully using HypnoBabies techniques to stay calm and collected during contractions. I’m hoping for, but not betting on a quick labor (only because Ryan was)…and trying to not get my hopes up. I’m also not getting my hopes up for an early baby again. Really, what are the odds? I’m excited to give birth with fewer (no?) interventions, and to really find a way to trust that my body can do this (it’s done it before). I’m also looking forward to experiencing another birth…I’m sure that sounds strange to many, but for someone like me, who’s life’s work is now teaching about and supporting a physiological childbirth, I’m looking forward to experiencing one. I’m also, of course, looking forward to a new squishy, snuggly newborn in the house, and though I know it’ll be challenging, I can’t wait to sling a newborn again, nurse a newborn again, and just generally snuggle with a tiny. Ryan’s also really excited to be a big sister, and thinks it’s a girl (or just really wants it to be). We won’t be finding out at the ultrasound this time, so we’ll find out in March/April!! Also looking forward to that surprise, and experiencing that differently too.

Fall always brings change, and with that this blog will not only be about our family, and all the crazy that is us, but also about my crafts and sewing. I was trying to run them separately, but it just ain’t happening, because, well, I can’t separate one from the other! Crafting is life, sewing is life, and family is life, and they don’t easily come apart. So look for fun crafty stuff and ideas on this blog going forward.


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