Minor Remodel

Michael and I went all If You Give a Mouse A Cookie on our bathroom this weekend. Whoops.

It started with a sink given to us by friends. We looked at installing that, but alas, it was smaller than the hole in our counters. So, we thought, let’s replace the counter. Easy, peasy, right? Sure, would have been. But then we decided to replace the whole bathroom cabinet. It was relatively cheap at Lowe’s, and black, which matches the mirror we love. So, we get home, rip out the old cabinet, and discover the ickiest flooring EVER underneath the cabinet. So, we figure, let’s replace the floor, too! We’ll just do vinyl, but a nicer vinyl than what’s there, and it’ll look a million times better. Only vinyl is expensive. Almost as much as tile. So, we decide to do tile. But, as it’s already 2pm on a Sunday, the tile will have to wait for another weekend.

We return home to install the other faucet in the other sink in the vanity. M pulls out the old faucet, and starts to clean the holes in the old sink, only to discover that it’s actually got holes rusted in it. Yep, totally rusted out. Like, wonder how we were lucky enough that it didn’t leak. So, back off to Lowe’s for a new sink. One that fits. And he forgets the connector piece that will make it work. So, for now, we have one bathroom sink (which is enough), and tomorrow the other will be functional.

I love that we go to Lowe’s for a piece of counter, and leave with: a new bathroom cabinet, plumbing accessories, a new rug for the living room, and ideas coming out the wahoo! Next big project? Kitchen counters.


2 thoughts on “Minor Remodel

  1. Wow!Your bathroom looks spectacular! What a difference a few changes make. Really nice work-And it looks completely different, updated and SCHNAZY! Mom

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