Out of wrapping paper.

Those that know me well know I love a bit of a Martha Stewart holiday. I like all my presents wrapped in the same paper, my tree decorated in a particular color scheme, and I have pretty strict guidelines on this. So much so that one year, I wrapped all of our gifts in this silver paper with white stars and tied green Pottery Barn twill tape onto each. It was the year after we got married, and we had that twill tape coming out the wahoo (didn’t help that as a joke, a friend wrapped up a spool of it for us; he worked there). I loved that silver paper. Ryan’s first holiday was entirely wrapped in that paper, and the pictures of the aftermath are some of my favorites.

Holiday 2006

But this year, I ran out.

It was bound to happen. I’d had this SAME ROLL of paper for at least 6 years (yay for Costco wrapping paper). I used it, like I said, for everything. For years. It was even generic enough that I wrapped a few wedding gifts in it. I’m not sure what to do now. I feel a little at a loss…do I buy a new roll of paper to define family holidays for the next 5 years? Or is it time to give up that ideal of the “perfect” holiday and just take it as it comes? Is this a good excuse to look for holiday fabric and make reusable bags for gifts?

Holiday 2007

And in a way, finishing this roll of wrapping paper signifies the end of a few different eras for our family. Michael and I both turned 30 in 2009, saying goodbye (hopefully) to the stupidity and recklessness of our twenties. 2010 will mark the arrival of our second child, and possibly a move into an actual home (one separate from our neighbors). I feel like we’ve let go of a lot in the last year: things, cars, baggage. And it’s helped us to clear the way to move forward.

Holiday 2009, the last present wrapped with this paper.

So, farewell old silver with stars wrapping paper. Though I’ll miss you, it’s time to move on.

(And for the record, due to pregnancy hormones being in FULL GEAR, I’m crying as I type this. Yes, I’m admitting to crying over wrapping paper. I know it’s a metaphor and all that, but geez.)


2 thoughts on “Out of wrapping paper.

  1. Funny, I don’t do the Martha tree or wrapping paper, but I have been using the same rolls of wrapping paper for at least 4 years. We had one roll that was 10 years old until I finally did it in 🙂

    We’ll forgive you the crying…you know, cause of the hormones!

  2. Oh Katy! I’m SOOOO sorry! How can you go on!

    Kidding. And while I can’t relate, mostly because I am too cheap to actually buy wrapping paper and usuall improvize with whatever I find around the house, I think it’s awesome that there are Martha types out there to balance the lazy and cheap ones like me out. I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me. 😉

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