Pluma Luma

Yeah, I know you don’t know what that is.

I didn’t either until RE explained it to me.

“Mom, Kimmie’s (the imaginary friend) family has a new name.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. They’re the Pluma Luma family now.”
“Oookkkaaaay. And what is Pluma Luma?”
“Well, it’s pink and purple and blue and white all mixed together and swirly.”
“Cool, kiddo.”

And that is now her favorite color.

This is what pluma luma looks like. On a VW Bug. Which is what Kimmie drives, because Kimmie is 22. Or somedays, she’s 26. And somedays, she’s 40, which RE knows is older than mommy, thus older than God!

She’s got a wild imagination…and we love it. The things she comes up with sometimes just amaze us. She’s also created some really elaborate directions to get to Kimmie’s house in the woods, and has even drawn maps to it. It usually involves driving up there, around here, past the forest, over the river, around some rocks, and then, you’re there! Kimmie lives in the mountains where it snows, you see.

She’s also WAY into Barbies right now. And yes, I love it. Though I think she has more than I did at any point in my Barbie collecting days. The girl’s got quite the collection. My favorite one? The one she calls “Holiday Hooker Barbie”. It’s the Target Holiday Barbie, and well, she looked like a hooker. So, when she unwrapped her, that was my first, uncensored reaction (I know, the verbal diarrhea has to end at some point). And that is now how she refers to that particular Barbie. Whoops.

Her best buddy, Wesley, got her a pink convertible Barbie car for her birthday…BIG HIT! It’s quite possibly her favorite birthday thing. Barbie drives everywhere, with her seatbelt. She’s also going to get a KEXP sticker on the back, because, well, KEXP is awesome. And I have to “cool” the car up a bit.

And of course, she’s super excited to be a big sister. She runs up to my belly and gives big hugs, and tells me that this hug is for the baby, as she wraps her arms around literally, just the belly! Her sibling class is next week, with the infamous Penny Simkin and I, for one, can’t wait. I know Ryan will love the class, and I know she’ll love being a big sister. Though she has decided that should we give birth to a little brother, we should name it Poopy. Michael and I are thinking that’s a NO. If it’s a girl, she thinks we ought to call her Talleigh Rock Star. Yeah, we’ll see.


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