Mama Love

I remember the first time I realized just how much I loved Ryan. It nearly knocked me to the ground. But I’m used to it now. I’m used to that feeling, and though it’s always overwhelming, it doesn’t knock me upside the head anymore.

 What surprises me lately is just how much I love Finleigh. I knew I’d love her. I expected to love her. I’m just, once again, taken back by how much I love her. It’s breathtaking.

I remember someone once telling me that she’s step in front of a bullet for her kids. I was 22, and didn’t understand it. Couldn’t understand it. But it stuck with me. And I get it now. I’d step in front of a bullet for my girls. Without even thinking, I would do that for my kids.

It’s a love that cannot truly be understood until you have children. Doesn’t matter how they arrive into your life, whether by birth, adoption, surrogacy, or any other way you can think of to “birth” a child; mamas will step in front of trains for their babies.

This is how we survive, how we’ve survived. Once upon a time, it was bears and lions. Then it was militias and pillagers, and now, we parents are protecting our children from a myriad of villains. Predators, commercialism, Disney…it’s a scary world out there.

I suppose, in the end, I’m more likely to step in front of a Disney movie for my kids.


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