Sisterly Love

Ryan’s been really silly lately with her sister, waffling between loving her and kinda maybe thinking life was a little cooler before she arrived. Or so it seems to mama.

This morning, as I turned on her TV show and told her I was going to get Finleigh ready for the day, she told me, “Mama, make sure she doesn’t disrupt my show. If she cries, you can just nurse her or something.”

Mmmmkay. Glad I can get my nursing advice from my four year old.

But, yesterday, we were all “exquisite”. I believe it was the word of the day on Sesame Street. Love it. I wasn’t awesome; I was exquisite. Sounds good to me.

And can you believe Finleigh is 2 months old already? I’m learning that as long as Peanut’s home, she’ll be in the pictures of Finleigh. Which is kind of cool. It gives some perspective to Fin’s size…and really just shows how much Ryan loves having her here. We all do.


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