Ryan has her first crush. On a boy. Not one that she’s grown up with and that feels, probably, more like a sibling.

It’s sweet. And adorable. She can’t stop talking about Tyler, and how she plays with him at school, and sits by him during “first circle, and snack, and second circle. THREE times, mama” and plays with him outside.

As she was babbling away in the backseat (Tyler this and Tyler that), it hit me. This is just the beginning. This is just her first crush. Someday, she’ll be older, and have another crush, and she’ll feel those butterflies in her tummy when he walks by. And someday after that, she’ll be even older, and he’ll break her heart. And yes, this is what I think about as I’m driving to preschool, listening to showtunes in the car. He’ll break her heart, and I’ll think back to Tyler. The sweet little boy she had her first crush on.

A girl never forgets her first crush. Just like she never forgets her first love. And her first heartbreak. I could tell you all their names, but I won’t.
And she never, ever, forgets her true love. If she’s really lucky, she’ll get to marry that boy.
And live happily ever after (more or less) with him.
And he’ll love her.
And she’ll love him.

I love you Michael. Happy Anniversary. Thank you for six amazing years of marriage. For holding my hand, for letting me hold yours. For catching my baby, for holding my babies, for helping make these amazing girls of ours. For helping to make our house truly a home.


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