It seems that for many, their twenties are a time of tumult: ups, downs, ins and outs, and we were no exception. Our twenties saw us moving out of our homes, moving up to Seattle, changing jobs, starting school, getting married, having a baby, buying cars, selling cars, car accidents, and buying a home. So much change, so fast. So much growth, so fast. Well, it seemed fast, anyway. To change that much, to grow from what I’d now consider a child into someone who looks and occasionally acts very much like an adult.

In our twenties, we were so free. Free to do whatever we wanted, with very little holding us back. Hop on a plane last minute to go to Sundance film fest? Sure. Fly down to California for a wedding? No problem. Buy a house? Why the heck not! Get trashed on a random Wednesday night? Bring it on! I don’t think we even realized it then, this freedom that we had.

Would I change it though? Nope. Yeah, I miss the ease of hopping on a plane to go visit a friend on only carrying on luggage. But I wouldn’t trade that for my two girls. Of course I miss getting trashed on random weeknights, but do I miss the hectic retail work schedule that allowed for “weekends” in the middle of the week? Nope.

Makes me wonder what the 30s will bring. It’s already brought one baby, a car sale, caring for an ailing parent, and a possible job change. In a year. Is it really possible that the 30s might bring even MORE change than the 20s? And will I look back on this in 10 years and think what a baby I was?

Not really sure where I was headed with this. I guess I’m curious, how crazy were your twenties? And if you’re into your thirties, how is that looking?


6 thoughts on “Twenties

  1. Twenties for me = sollipsistic, idealistic, educational, occasionally cruel, searching, conquering, and eventually marriage and reinventing myself as a partner instead of a lone wolf in life (didn’t get married until 28). On my 30th birthday, I noticed for the first time, the flaps attached underneath my upper arms, which waved when I waved. My body began to change and 2 kids changed it even more. I stuggled with becoming an ‘adult’ and pushed back at every opportunity, yet wondered when it would finally take me over. Now that I am almost 37, I feel I am surrendering finally, at peace with the ideallistic, whimsical child that will always be part of me. My 30’s are probably best described as resisting turbulent change, but your 30’s will be very different. I can see your 30’s as things really falling into place and settling into things that feel really right. You’re an incredible person and I know that you, like me are getting better and more interesting with each passing year ; )

  2. My twenties weren’t really “crazy” in a traditional sense, but I think going from single with zero kids to married with three kids in the span of 5 years is a bit nuts (in the best sense)!

    I thought I would have a LOT more figured out by the time I turned 30, but I am full of hope for the decade ahead! Life can only get better!

    PS: Job change???

  3. Ah yes…the twenties. I miss them. I feel like they did go fast, but don’t feel like I was a baby really. We were married at 21, got a few kitties, bought our first house 8 months later, got a dog, started new jobs, bought 2 brand new cars, travelled to Europe, Jamaica, Mexico, SF, Canada, NY, Montana, Las Vegas and lots of other interesting places, ran two marathons (and numerous other races), worked our butts off and saved a lot of money, bought a second house….then turned 30. And, thought it was time to have a kid so we wouldn’t be “too old” when the kid was grown.

    I honestly feel like our life is much more crazy (I am 34) now than it was in our 20’s doing all the things we managed to do. Having a child brings so much uncertainty and so many things you cannot control, and they are all related to this little person you love more than you ever imagined you could. Also, seeing your parents and grandparents start to get older while taking care of said little person really brings the fragility of life and importance of the people in our lives into focus, at least for me.

    Now I’m not sure where the heck I’m going with this stream of conciousness comment here either…just wanted to say, you have lots of company to travel your journeys with. 😉

  4. I discovered myself in my twenties…who I am, what I wanted, where I wanted my life to go, and more importantly, what I realized I would not put up with and what/who is really important in my life. My twenties brought my husband into my life, despite the fact that marriage at 25 was not something I would have predicted for myself, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. My twenties have been full of travel, adventure, discovery, and education (both in the world and at the UW). With three years left to go in my twenties and moving to England in two weeks, I predict more travel, adventure, discovery, and education, and possibly, the pitter patter of little feet. My twenties have been very good to me and I expect even more from my thirties and the life my husband and I are going to build in England and elsewhere in Europe. However, I must admit, the sound of turning thirty still makes me feel a little uneasy…

  5. I’m pretty close to 38, my husband is even closer to 41, and it’s very strange for me. I feel like we graduated from college a few years ago but it was in ’96!! My mom is young and I remember her in her mid-30’s, I remember her as a much older 30-something than I currently view myself. I guess what I’m saying is that I have really felt like I’m still in my 20’s! Although, those aches and pains of middle age are creeping up on me;)

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