my brother

once upon a time, my brother and i didn’t get along very well. we’ll both admit to it: high school was tough for us. but yay for us that we’re both totally over it, because he’s actually a pretty rad guy, and his wife is fantastic. we all love spending time with them, but especially peanut. she’s totally in love with uncle mike, chasing him everywhere, performing for him, making him perform for her. i love that my daughter loves my brother so much.

and i love that my brother has found such an amazing woman to be with. as we told ryan the other day, allison wasn’t born into our family, she CHOSE to join our family. that makes her even more special. oh, and she cracks me up because she’s not terribly fond of having pictures taken. i caught a few, but she gets a little wacky after she hears that shutter more than 2 or 3 times!

and they have an amazing farmers market in san rafael. we had a great time down there, wandering around, checking out the vendors, and eating amazing puerto rican food at sol food. brought michael and i straight back to our fantastic trip last summer.


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