A new project + Fin milestones

Anna Maria Horner: Museum Tunic + instructions.

I’ll be making this when I get home.

And Finleigh? She’s slept through the night the last TWO nights in a row (and yes, I realize I’m jinxing it by sharing). And she woke up this morning on her back, having rolled there from her tummy (cause I know I laid her down on her belly). Cliche? Yes. But they grow too fast.

via A new project + Fin milestones.


2 thoughts on “A new project + Fin milestones

  1. You laid her down on her belly? That is so anti-childbirth ed, or infant care, or some kind of class that you must teach…

    • Or, it’s a mama trusting her mama-instinct. 😉 My girl sleeps better on her tummy. She has an extreme startle reflex and literally wakes EVERY TIME she’s placed on her back. And of course, many nights, she’s on her side, next to me, in bed (another perceived no-no).

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